The GravPower Generator

A Natural, Sustainable, and Viable GREEN ENERGY Product

Video of P8 "Kittyhawk" Prototype

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The GravPower Generator Company is unlike any "power" company you have seen. The GravPower Generator Company (GPG) has the basic core concept of a natural, sustainable, and viable "green" energy product.

Important factors include:

  • A natural, sustainable, and viable source of mechanical power for the generating devices accounting for the need to reset the weights at the end of their “fall” generally by human or animal power.
  • A non-fuel consuming power source that is both environmentally friendly and economically advantageous.
    • The GPG uses NO fuels or consumables, needs NO sunlight for photoelectric activation, or NO wind for mechanical impetus.
    • The GPG does not create, produce, nor release any exhaust, emission, by-products, or pollutants into the environment.
    • The GPG offers essentially “free” electrical power after the cost of the installation.
  • An independent, self-contained, self-sustaining power source that can be used in remote or distant locations without the need to purchase, transport and consume fuel or attachment to the standard utility grid.
  • Provides both AC and DC power capabilities.
  • Capable of small, medium, or large scale power production and storage. Able to range from laptop computer powering aspects to cooking, refrigeration, air conditioning, furnace, and other larger applications.

The Gravity Powered Generator (GPG) concept is the production of electrical power from the combination of the force of gravity pulling on weights and human power resetting the weights into their start positions. The paradigm I use to describe the function of the GPG device is what one colleague called “the grandfather clock on steroids”. The weights pull down on a sprocket chain looped over a sprocket attached to an axle. The downward pull then causes rotation in the axle. The rotation is then transferred into a gearbox and flywheel that, in a grandfather clock, would be the equivalent of the clockwork mechanism. However, rather than slowing down the rotation and moving the hands of the clock we are speeding the rotation up with a series of step-up gear ratios that increases the speed of the rotation. That increased rotation is fed into a DC generator that turns to produce DC electric power. The DC electric power can then be sent to a standard power storage unit similar to the power storage units used in Solar and Wind Turbine power generation. From the power storage units we can obtain the needed AC power or in some cases use the power stored in the battery units to supply DC power for battery powered or chargeable devices like emergency equipment, cellular phones, medical equipment, and other DC devices.